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Pushing the Limits: Disaster Archaeology, Archaeodisasters & Humans
by Amanda Laoupi

Pushing the Limits Disaster Archaeology Archaeodisasters by Amanda Laoupi
Amanda (Adamantia) Laoupi
Disasters can be seen not as natural phenomena and isolated, unexpected, unprecedented and uncertain events, but as social and historical processes... (Amanda Laoupi)

Changes, crises, disasters, collapse... Such is the story of Humanity. This book focuses on merging all disciplines, perspectives, theorie, aspects and applications of disaster sciences within their spacio-temporal framework into the one major scientific field, Disaster Archaeology... 

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Four Plays about History
by Robert J. Litz

Four American Plays by Robert J. Litz

"No art ever came out of not risking your neck," Eudora Welty said. "Mobile Hymn" and "Great Divide" are two magnificent, breakneck plays by Bob Litz about America's addiction to wide open spaces, the road leading to them, and beyond (read more)...

Bob Litz, American playwright
Bob Litz

The Divine Succession: A Science of Gods Old & New
by Alfred de Grazia

Alfred de Grazia: The Divine Succession - a science of gods old & new

Homo Schizo Two: Human Nature and Behavior
by Alfred de Grazia

Homo Schizo One: Human and Cultural Hologenesis
by Alfred de Grazia

Homos Schizo One by Alfred de Grazia

A Cloud Over Bhopal, by Alfred de Grazia

A Cloud over Bhopal book by Alfred de Grazia

40 Stases & Theses: What Is To Be Done With Our World?
by Alfred de Grazia & Licia Filingeri

God's Fire: Moses and the Management of Exodus, by Alfred de Grazia

Cosmic Heretics, by Alfred de Grazia

A Personal History of Attempts to Establish and Resist Theories of Quantavolution and Catastrophes in the Natural and Human Sciences, 1963-1983

The Meteorite Report, by Jean-Baptiste Biot

Relation of a Voyage to the Department of Orne in order to verify the Reality of a Meteorite at L'Aigle on the 6th of Floreal of the Year 11 (April 26th, 1803)

America's History Retold (Volume One), by Alfred de Grazia

America's History Retold (Volume Two) by Alfred de Grazia

America's History Retold (Volume Three) by Alfred de Grazia

A Taste of War - Soldiering in World War II, by Alfred de Grazia

The Iron Age of Mars, by Alfred de Grazia

The Shattering of the Great Planets Hesperus and Phaethon & the Ensuing Floods & Destructions on Earth..., by Johann Gottlieb Radlof

The American State of Canaan, by Alfred de Grazia


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